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You'll feel the benefits of chiropractic services such as low back decompression and cold laser therapy as your back, neck, arm, or leg pain is reduced over time. You'll always receive personalized, professional treatment from our specialists.



Combine tradition with technology for better health

At Advanced Chiropractic, you'll get chiropractic services that are a perfect blend of traditional and new technology. In addition to common chiropractic techniques, you'll get the benefits of the ProAdjuster and other cutting edge procedures including:

•  Gentle ProAdjuster alignment

•  TenRx, an electromagnetic unit for home use

•  Specialists in custom orthotics

Call Advanced Chiropractic to set up a chiropractic session and start feeling the difference!

Align your spine

to alleviate aches and pains

Chiropractic therapy is a traditional art form designed to improve wellness by aligning and adjusting your body. You'll get outstanding chiropractic services from Advanced Chiropractic.